Well Construction


The PEN-O-TRATORĀ® reamer shoe has been specifically designed to aid with the installation of any casing, liner or screen application where the operator has concerns over potential difficult wellbore conditions such as swelling shales, ledges and washed out areas within the wellbore.

Designed as a Casing Deployment Solution:

  • Proven optimal choice for customers around the world
  • Simple design with industry low cost of production
  • Customizable for specific customer-driven applications

Casing Solutions

Float Equipment

Differentiated full range of float equipment and cementing tools used in running casing, liner, or screen applications.

Bow Spring Centralizers

A complete offering of bow spring centralizers to help get casing, liners, or screens to bottom with ease in demanding applications.

Solid Body Centralizers

A complete offering of solid body centralizers to help get casing, liners, or screens to bottom with ease in demanding applications

Stop Collars

A complete range of stop collar options to suit any centralizer application.

Deployment Enhancement

Reaming Shoes

A proprietary range of reamer shoes have been specifically designed for various applications to aid in the installation of casing, liner, or screen.

Casing Shoes

Guide shoe technology to aid with the running of any casing, liner, and screen applications.

Deployment Assist

A unique set of products to aid deployment of completion strings to T.D. and overcome the most challenging hole conditions where rotations are not preferred.

Casing Drilling

A unique set of casing drilling technologies to enable effective milling and torque reduction requirements