Well Construction


AQUEOUS, a proprietary slick body eccentric-nosed wet shoe track uniquely designed for predictable performance and reduction in overall operational costs. The modular, compact design consisting of four valves with provisions to seal a series of high-pressure casing wiper plugs that separate fluid, eliminate casing stringers, and facilitate a casing pressure test.

The AQUEOUS is the economics leader in casing shoe track technology.

Vaccine for the common float equipment

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• The non-cemented Integrated Wet Shoe track is designed for 10,000psi forward (bump) and back pressure operation at 400°F

• Four integral float valves tested to 10,000psi

• System-matched “latch-in” wiper plug system with Double Bottom (1,000 psi) and Top Plug (3,000 psi) combination

• Proven eccentric nose design