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The VES V2 Valve is stringently tested to the highest performance levels and have set the standards for reliability, creating peace of mind in a high-pressure environment with the ability to convert valves in situations anywhere.

Each valve is engineered to maximize flow in both small and larger casing applications. This PDC drillable plastic valve is placed in standard shoes and collars and can be used in both single or double valve configurations. The valve contains an autofill large bore feature minimum flow area has been designed and proven for every major oil field around the world.

Regardless of the valve size and application, you can be assured of the highest quality on the market.

• Large and Small valve sizing options available
• Single or Double valve options available
• 5,000 and 10,000 psi pressure rating options
• Dedicated engineering support team

Premium Float Valve with Autofill

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• All composite 10,000psi rated back pressure

• High temperature composite seal

• Easily drillable

• 36-Hour flow endurance

• Low pressure elastomer seal

• Self clearing tapered plunger

• 100% tested watertight

• High Loss Circulation Material (LCM) Tolerant

• Patented pending flow-activated autofill feature

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