Bow Spring Centralizers

A complete offering of bow spring centralizers to help get casing, liners, or screens to bottom with ease in demanding applications.

Expand-O-Lizer® SS

A robust one-piece semi-rigid centralizer manufactured from spring steel to allow for flexing when passing through gauged hole applications.

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Product Integrity Saves Lost Time

Expand-O-Lizer® BS

A unique design with hinged non-welded centralizers for use in less demanding well bore applications where rotation is not a requirement.

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Expand-O-Lizer® ES

A patented, engineered solution for a complete under-reamed casing operation, ensuring the best possible conditions for cement placement. A one-piece spring steel unit eliminated welded bows, the ES combines extremely robust manufacture with a proven drag reduction method of deployment.

Expand-O-Lizer® ES Info Sheet

Expand-O-Lizer® ESTD-T

The ultimate engineered solution for under-reamed casing applications. Utilizing the already proven “ES” design and now incorporating an offset teardrop taper blade design, the EXPAND-O-LIZER ESTD-T lowers insertion forces and increases blade strength, providing superior standoff in the open hole sections.

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Expand-O-Lizer® - ASLO

A premium centralizer designed for optimum performance in under reamed and close tolerance applications. The single piece design with integrated stress relief blade profiles, allows the centralizer blades to flex in tight restrictions, yet return to OD giving restoring force that exceeds industry standards.

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Expand-O-Lizer® SUB

An inline centralizer sub for under-reamed applications and tight tolerance applications where annular clearance is less than 1-1/4”. These subs are designed and manufactured specifically to the client's requirements to ensure the best possible solution, minimizing surge and drag while maximizing standoff. on a case by case basis.

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