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5” Liner Deployment


Expand-O-Lizer® SS



Gulf of Suez

Offshore Egypt

Customer Challenge

Extreme liner running conditions requiring a centralizer with robust construction, casing running performance improvements and stand-off for cementing operations to provide well integrity

Varel Solution

The Varel Energy Solutions applications engineering team coupled with advanced centralizer placement software delivered a system-matched approach. The rugged VICTUS PRO rigid centralizer was selected for cased hole and the robust Expand-O-Lizer SS one piece bow spring centralizer was chosen for open hole to provide casing flexibility through wellbore undulations. This combination also enables casing reaming in harsh conditions while withstanding axial forces and safe retrieval in the event the liner must be pulled.

Customer Value

The recommended combined solution allowed the liner deployment to successfully reach target depth at inclinations over 58 degrees in a difficult hole section. The contingency to pull the 5” liner after a setting tool failure was employed and during liner retrieval the liner string dropped 11,784ft to bottom. Upon fishing the liner no centralizers or stop collars were damaged and were subsequently re-run into the well bore.

Varel Energy Solutions saved the client more than 24 hours of rig time from fishing operations and mobilization of replacement equipment.

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