Gear Up to Go Down


Compact Injectable Wet Shoe Track


A proprietary wet shoe track designed to maximize performance predictability and minimize operational costs


Industry’s Versatile “Tangent” Bit Technology


Premium centralizer designed for optimum performance in under reamed and close tolerance applications

We exist to be the ‘Industry’s Maker’ of consumable downhole products to the energy sector - known for maximizing investment, value and a sustainable future

New Technology Spotlight


Hybrid Cutting Technology Designed for Milling

SLIPXTREME® is the latest generation of industry-leading hybrid cutting technology designed for milling. The new standard to the downhole product milling market and a revolutionary answer to isolation drill out and operational efficiency

The SLIPXTREME is engineered to target non-homogeneous downhole components such with variability such as bridge and frac plugs as well as the more demanding requirements of cast iron or ceramic slips. Tungsten carbide inserts and hard-faced steel teeth are arrayed in the cutting structure to cut both hard and soft materials found in frac plugs. High performance journal bearing and shirttail protection allow for both motor and rotary applications when drilling plugs or other downhole equipment.