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The VALOR 1 VRC is a premium centralizer designed for optimum performance in under reamed and close tolerance applications. The single piece design with integrated stress relief blade profiles, allows the centralizer blades to flex in tight restrictions, yet return to OD giving restoring force that exceeds industry standards.

VALOR 1 VRC is a unique design and a premium addition to Varel Energy Solutions VALOR 1 centralizer family, providing robust, competent and consistent product performance.

• Centralizer placement / T&D analysis available
• Dedicated engineering support team
• Designed to meet specific application requirements
• Sizes from 4-1/2 inch to 24 inch available

For specs, applications, availability, costs and shipping please contact your local Varel Rep today.

Call: 1(281) 272-6000

Email: info@varel.com


• Single piece, spring steel design

• Unique blade profile

• Stress relief blade features

• Low running forces

• High restoring forces with excellent standoff

• Competent and consistent performance

• Testing criteria exceeds industry standards

• Patent pending

• Patented hair-clip allows restoring and running forces to decouple at engineered points

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