Completion Solutions


The seal units are designed to provide a secure seal at high pressures and temperatures. There are different types of seal units available, and others can be customized to suit specific needs being molded seals and premium seals. Seal unit extensions are also available upon request. Molded seals are recommended for applications where the seal will be going in and out of the sealbore, while premium seals are best for applications where the seal unit will remain in place.

• Thread Sizes Available at the customer’s request
• Services H2S/CO2/Standard/Sour
• Length Available at the customer’s request

For specs, applications, availability, costs and shipping please contact your local Varel Rep today.

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  • All seal units are designed for easy field redress, bonded seals and v-packing
  • Premium seal units are v-packing seal systems of either elastomeric or plastic materials with a plastic and metal backup system
  • Various backup material combinations can be used with each v-packing seal to make it suitable for different temperatures and pressures
  • Customisable & reliable