Well Construction


The PREDOTOR™ reamer shoe has been designed to be an uncompromising solution to today’s most challenging wellbore conditions. The nose has an innovative profile design to aid in getting casing to T.D. by overcoming wellbore restrictions, but also includes integral hardfaced blades and optimized jetting, to ream and clean out the hole as the casing is run. The addition of PDC cutters on the outer shoulder of the PREDOTOR allows the shoe to efficiently ream and open the hole, where formation issues have impacted string progressing. The blades have tungsten carbide buttons to further assist with hole cleaning.

• All API and premium connections available
• All casing grades and weight options
• Customized OD to suit client requirements

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• Innovative nose profile

• Hardfaced blades

• PDC to aid reaming

• Efficient drillout

• Aggressive right-hand blades

• Casing friendly carbide gauge buttons

• One-piece milled steel body

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