Well Construction


EZI-Drill Nose
The EZI-Drill® nose feature is designed to withstand high set down weights when running the casing to T.D. while being drilled out the aluminum will break into small chips to avoid ‘bird-nesting’ of the bit to allow for a quick drill-out.

The concentric nose assists running casing/liner in difficult well-bore conditions by pathfinding over and around swelling formations. Can be manufactured in both aluminum and phenolic materials.

The spade nose is specifically designed for use on less demanding liner applications where only a setting sleeve is run, the spade nose assists running tool released. When set on bottom the spade nose shoe anchors the liner against the formation allowing the running tool to be rotated to release from the liner.

Incorporating the engineered EZI-Drill nose features, but produced from a robust and drillable composite material, for applications where drill-out may be a concern and anticipated set down loads during casing running may be less.

Float & Reamer Shoe Noses

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