VION® improves ROP in a Reactive 3,000ft Interval

12 ¼ VION ™ - 616 - Bit Vibration Mitigation and Faster ROP in a Reactive 3,000 ft Interval


Vertical/Rotary Application from Lower Aruma Shale to Buwaib Formations


G1 Step Gage Setting in Combination with F3 Cutters Series


SFNY Field Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Drill interbedded formations from LAMS to Casing point in BUWB Formation through challenging Interbedded formation with challenging lithology changes requiring high Toughness Resistance cutters to optimize performance and maximize ROP.


Matrix Body bit designed to minimize erosion risk in high flow environments, with 6 Blades optimizing the aggressiveness in the cutting structure and maximizing the stability in force load distribution, improving cleaning areas and cuttings evacuation, 16mm Force3 Cutting Structure creating efficient cutting action maximizing Rate of Penetration.


With our features combination in Rotary Application, the parameters applied and the crew efficiency optimizing the connections time, achieved 9% improvement in average ROP and CPF reduction of 6% in comparison with the offset wells with 2% extra footage with the savings involved in this optimization

Date Well By Type Depthin Depthout FTG ROP CPF Dull Grading Drive
16-Feb-23 SFNY-1750 V616PG1RI 4,486 7,544 3,058 82.09 77.63 1-1-WT-S-X---TD ROTARY
26-Jun-22 SFNY-1810 V616PG1RI 4,667 7,490 2,823 75.79 80.09 1-2-WT-A-X---TD ROTARY
1-Jun-22 SFNY-1510 M1965SS 4,555 7,656 3,101 71.70 80.82 1-1-CT-S-X-0--TD ROTARY
30-Aug-22 SFNY-4000 MDSI616C 4,819 7,818 2,999 71.40 92.55 1-2-CT-S-X-0--TD ROTARY

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