Successful first run of 7" Bladerunner™ centralizer for Petrofac Malaysia





Friction Reduction Spir-O-Lizer TM centralizer equipped with Torque & Drag patented ultra-low friction buttons and inner sleeve.


First run of 7” BladerunnerTM centralizer for Petrofac Malaysia deployment of 7” Pre-Drilled Liner (PDL) successfully along with engineered trajectory design with low doglegs.

These have enable the 7” PDL to be run across 3.12km of 9-1/4” Open Hole on challenging build and drop inclination from 56 degrees up to 83 degrees and down to 61 degrees degrees to with an average Friction Factor below 0.1 inside previous casing and between 0.20 – 0.3 inside OH by utilizing OBM

Actual trajectory in 3D

Download the case study