Pred-o-tor allows for 3 days of continuous reaming at 30-60RPM in Pakistan





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The Pred-O-Tor reamer shoe has been designed to be an uncompromising solution to today’s most challenging wellbore conditions. We have been able to leverage our years of experience in drill bit design to create a reamer shoe that is fit for purpose. The nose has an innovative profile design to aid in getting casing to T.D. by overcoming wellbore restrictions, but also includes integral hard-faced blades and optimized jetting, to ream and clean out the hole as the casing is run. The addition of PDC cutters on the outer shoulder of the Pred-O-Tor allows the shoe to efficiently ream and open the hole, where formation issues have impacted string progress. The blades have tungsten carbide buttons to further assist with hole cleaning.


A major Operator in Pakistan faced issues with their intermediate 12-1/4” Hole section while drilling. The Operator faced multiple sections of mechanical caving of the claystone formation which resulted in bridging. Even with hard reaming, there were still points of tight spots that stalled the motor. The Operator knew that in order to get


The Operator decided to run the 9-5/8” x 10-3/4” Varel Pred-o-tor shoe. The 9-5/8” Casing was run 3 days with continuous reaming at 30-60 RPM. The rig also continuously pumped for 35 hours at rates of 9-12 bbl/min through the floats. The casing was able to reach the desired depth and the cement job was performed successfully with the floats holding the differential hydrostatic pressure.

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