New PDC Solution Sets in U.A.E


Offshore – 16” long deviated section Presence of interbedded, chert and heavy mineral formations




United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) Offshore

Customer Challenge

The Customer focused on drilling the complete 16” section in one PDC bit run. The parameters called for high ROP despite the potential presence of chert and heavy minerals throughout the end of the section.

The previous well used a TCI bit design achieving 46.6 ft/hr ROP average across the field.
Historical trials with PDC technology from alternative suppliers resulted in lower ROP, damaged bits and uncompleted drilled sections.

Varel Solution

VAREL proposed a specific PDC design leveraging the VOYAGER platform with TRIFORCETM technology. Design optimization using our PDC Designer and DIG-IT 3DTM software for optimal simulation and shaped cutter positioning.

Setting: TRIFORCE (2nd row) set in a leading redundancy with the main PDC of the trailing blade. Purpose: Have the TRIFORCE Scratching- Gouging-crushing (weakening the rock) followed by standard cutters shearing the rock around the groove.

Customer Value

1st Job (Motor-Assts):

  • Achieved 72% increase in ROP as compared to

    previous PDC record performance.

  • Achieved 38% increase in ROP as compared to field / application average ROP (including all bit


    2nd Job (RSS):

  • Achieved 78% increase in ROP as compared to

    field/application average ROP (including all bit


  • ROP Field record run with 83.4 ft/h (including all

    bit and drive types).

  • Achieved 33% increase in ROP as compared to

previous PDC record performance.

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