New PDC Benchmark Set in Delta Mahakam Area, East Kalimantan


Swamp/Offshore – 8 ½” section

Mud Motor BHA

Shale & Sand formations

Directional requirement


8.50” VION™ 419

HYDRA™ Hydraulic Features

Curved Nozzles




Customer Challenge

The Customer focuses on maximizing ROP and directional control for the 8-½” tangent section while utilizing a PDM mud motor assembly.

Previously recorded top performance with the same well architecture was set at 110 m/hr.

Varel Solution

Through VES’ proprietary 360° Customer Workflow process, HYDRA bit hydraulic technology and applications engineering , the right bit design was identified to match the application inside with the VION 419 platform.

Further design optimization was applied using our PDC Designer and DIG3D™ software for optimal simulation and contact analysis.

Solution: Steel body, 4 bladed, 19mm cutters with curved nozzles to maximize open face volume and hydraulic efficiency.

Customer Value

  • Resulted in the fastest 8 ½” section in Shallow Wells Architecture (SLA), Delta Mahakam area.
  • Delivered a performance of 112.7 m/hr while outpacing surrounding runs and surpassed the previous Operator’s record.
  • Longer interval drilled as compared to the fastest offset well.

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