New PDC Benchmark Set in Beetaloo Basin, Northern Australia




Customer Challenge

  • Multiple bits run required to drill the sand formation. Rung out and cored out bits are common.
  • Short intervals with low ROP by offset bits.
  • 100 days to reach TD drilling nearby vertical offset well.

Varel Solution

  • VENOMTM cutter technology to match the cutter to the formation requirement.
  • HYDRATM Technology
  • G1 Gage Design
  • DIG-3DTM contact analysis

Customer Value

  • Field setting in drilling the sand formation as compared to offset wells.
  • Fastest ROP of 9.25 m/hr.
  • Achieved 314% increase in ROP.
  • TD reached in 18.3 days representing a 54% reduction compared to other near-field vertical sections drilled deeper than 2500m. This also compares to the more than 100 days to reach TD at close by vertical well.

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