New Fastest 16” Deviated Section in ABU DHABI, U.A.E


Offshore – 16” Deviated section.

Interbedded, Limestone, Dolomite,

Anhydrite and Shale formations

Rotary Steerable Drive System (RSS)


EVOS™ 616

VENOM™ Cutter Technology - ARTIMIS™

Halliburton GeoPilot® EDL RSS


Abu Dhabi


Customer Challenge

The Customer focused on drilling the 16” build up/ deviated section using one PDC bit run pairing the bit with rotary steerable system while achieving the best possible ROP and lowest cost per foot.

The TOP 4 achievement wells in the same field using PDC bit design achieving 115.1 ft/h ROP average across the field.

Record run in the area was set @ 118.7 ft/h.

Varel Solution

VAREL proposed a specific PDC design leveraging the EVOS™ bit technology, perfectly designed for ‘build’ drilling applications. EVOS™ bit series is a trouble-free design delivering smooth torque, advanced directional control, excellent wellbore quality and dynamic stability.

Solution: 6-bladed, 16-mm cutting structure with steel body bit for optimum Open Face Volume. Shape cutters, the ARTIMIS™ cutters as part of the VES VENOM™ technology.

Purpose: ARTIMIS cutters increase efficiency of the shearing action through pre-weakening the rock.

Customer Value

New consistent field record achieved and time saving on the planned objective.

  • Drilled a total footage of 5823ft with Field Record ROP of 130.9ft/hr.
  • Achieved 14% increase in ROP as compared to TOP 4 Field Average performance.

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