Latest Record Set in Oman – Fastest 12.25” Vertical Section


Onshore – 12.25” Vertical section.

Interbedded, Sandstone, Limestone, Shale Formation

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VION™ 616

HYDRA™ Hydraulics






Customer Challenge

The Customer focused on drilling the 12.25’’ vertical section using a rotary-steerable assembly with the goal of drilling the longest footage with the best ROP – additional challenges required exceptional durability into interbedded and sandy abrasive layers.

The offset wells in the same field using PDC or RC bit were achieving 19.9 m/h ROP average across the field. Record run in the area was set @ 26.0 m/h.

Varel Solution

VAREL proposed a specific PDC design leveraging the VION® bit technology, perfectly designed for drilling through transitions requiring durability and optimum efficiency.

Solution: 6-bladed, 16-mm cutting structure with HYDRA + Curve Nozzle for optimum Hydraulic efficiency, and FUSION+ Impregnated Hybrid technology for increase durability. Specific ARTIMIS Shapped cutters from VENOM Technology

Purpose: The unique ARTIMIS™ Shaped positionning on the cutting structure allow pre-fracturation of the rock increasing efficiency into Hard Heterogenous formations.

Customer Value

One of the best field record accomplished as compared to previous benchmark with astonish pristine dull when POOH : 1-1-WT

• Drilled a total footage of 2052m with ROP of 30.2 m/hr.

• Achieved 50% increase in ROP as compared to Offset average performance.

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