High Performance for New Midland Basin Customer

Best on Pad’ Curve Performance


Conventional Curve Section

Lower Spraberry Formation


8.50” EVOS-613


Midland Basin

Howard County

Customer Challenge

This objective is to complete the interval with sufficient curve yields while achieving the best possible ROP and lowest cost per foot

Varel Solution

VES Applications Engineers in collaboration with the Drilling Engineer, utilized GeoScience Studies and VES’s proprietary Dig3D software to analyze formation characteristics in conjunction with offset run data and dull studies.

It was determined a EVOS-613 with optimal cutter placement was the right solution for this application – driving improved performance with smooth and predictable curve yields.

Customer Value

Drilled out, kicked off and landed the curve in 9.63 drilling hours. Compared the Competitor 513 design on prior wells, the VES EVOS 613 drilled the same target curve 2.04 hours faster (21% improvement).

Average ROP of 110ft/hr and average yields of 14°/100ft throughout.

The Customer acknowledged this operation outperformed the previous curve runs on the same pad from competitive bit designs.

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