9-7/8” Drillout Delivers One-Bit Record Performance


9-7/8” Intermediate Section

Interbedded Shale, Limestone and Silt

Moderate to Hard Rock Strength


VION™ 616

HYDRA™ Hydraulic Attributes

VENOM™ Shaped Cutter Technology


East Texas

Travis Peak / Cotton Valley

(Haynesville Shale)

Customer Challenge

Following numerous attempts to complete the 9-7/8” intermediate section in one-bit run while reducing overall time in hole, consistent offset performance required 2-3 bits with moderate performance in ROP. Each additional drill bit required creates an incremental cost impact to the operation’s economics.

Varel Solution

Through VES’ proprietary 360° Customer Workflow process and VENOM shaped cutter technology, applications engineering identified the right cutter placement strategy to match the application inside of VION 616 design platform.

Utilizing in-house proprietary software and analyzing previous dull conditions VES determined the optimal locations to place the cutters for enhanced cutting efficiency.

Customer Value

The bit completed the ~8,500’ interval in one-bit run and achieving a rare performance for this section and formation at 4.59 days.

The performance saved an average of $65,000-$70,000 for every drill bit trip previously required to complete the section.

The bit performance equates to over 64% more footage drilled than average of all offset performances.

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