Record 8-3/8” Section in KSA’s UTMN Field




The case study details a record-setting run by Varel using their VION-616 bit to drill an 8 3/8" section from the Khuff to Khuff-D formation in an onshore gas well in Saudi Arabia's UTMN field. By utilizing the VENOM™ tooth shape cutters and optimized 3D and 4D cutter geometry, VES achieved the fastest ROP in the field at 52.99 ft/hr, the longest footage drilled at 1,444 ft, and the lowest cost per foot at $81.24. This represents a 54.5% higher ROP, 30.8% longer footage, and 40.7% lower cost per foot compared to the Top 4 offset runs in the area. Overall, the V616PG1RCFI bit delivered optimal performance and set new benchmarks for ROP, footage drilled, and cost efficiency.

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