8-3/8" FUSION+ 613P Oman SAIH-RAWL Field




VES partners with PDO to design the 8.375" Fusion+ 613P with VENOMâ„¢ cutter technology to achieve an impressive drilling performance in the SAIH-RAWL field of Oman. The run produced over 1029 meters of effective drilling at 3.8 m/hr in the challenging interbedded sandstone and shale formations from the Ghudun to lower Miqrat zones. The bit run achieved 27% longer meterage and 10% higher ROP compared to previous best runs in this section, saving 2 bit trips. The Fusion+613P2DGX design came out in excellent condition after reaching total depth.

Overall, the teams' joint effort with Varel's innovative bit technology allowed them to overcome drilling challenges and set a new benchmark for performance in this field.

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