8-3/8" Fusion+ 3 Runs in Oman

3 Impressive Runs for 8.375” Fusion+™ bits in the Deep Well Section, Oman


Onshore– 8.375” Vertical Section, BHA - PDM

Highly Abrasive Sandstone with % Chert & Pyrite, interbedded hard Carbonate and Shale formation.


8.375” Fusion+™ bits with 8 blades and 13mm Venom™ Premium Cutters, with 4 blades to center design which helps to give more diamond coverage in the cone area for better protection.


Oman Onshore


The formation of 8.375’ sections are characterized with high rock strength values. Customer aims to drill through the challenging formation to achieve the best possible ROP, maximizing durability and performance. 8.375” Fusion+™ bits are used to drill this section resulting with impressive runs as compared with the offsets.


  • 1st Bit Run, the bit achieved the longest interval of 228m with fastest ROP of 1.13m/h drilling into Formation A & Top of Formation B.

  • 2nd Bit Run – achieved the longest meterage of 129m drilling into Formation A as compared to other offset runs in the field.

  • 3rd Bit Run – achieved the longest interval drilled of 344m with fastest ROP in the field of 3.2m/hr drilling into bottom section of Formation B straight into Formation C till TD.

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