200% ROP enhancement in Sinian System/Formation – Onshore China


Deep Vertical Well – 8,699m TVD

Sinian System/Formation, Tarim Field


6-5/8” VION™ 613

VENOM™ Cutter Technology




Customer Challenge

The Customer focuses on completing the complex vertical interval comprised of extremely hard and dense formation (Dolomite) in the Sinian System/formation of China. The Customer objective is to achieve the best possible ROP and lowest cost per meter.

Varel Solution

Utilizing Application Engineering and VAREL’s proprietary design software, the VION® PDC technology was chosen, a solution perfectly designed for “vertical” applications. The VION 613 design is a trouble-free solution delivering smooth torque, advanced directional control, excellent wellbore quality and dynamic stability.

Solution: 6-bladed, 13-mm cutting structure with partial double row. Specific cutting structure and gage configuration to provide better torque management and greater stability especially in drilling vertical section.

Purpose: Superior drilling efficiency with improved ROP and durability.

Customer Value

  • Fastest 6.625” drill bit as compared to competitive offsets in the same well - drilling Sinian System/formation.
  • 478.3 $/ft of cost saving compared to previous competitive offsets drilling Sinian System formation.
  • 200% of ROP enhancement with more footage drilled as compared to previous 613 competitive offsets.

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