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Millout Extension is a tubular product that looks like pup joints or pup joint extensions, but it is not actually milled. Its inside diameter is larger than the bore ID of the mating packer it will be used with. This larger size allows the collet on the packer milling/retrieving tool to lock in place, allowing movement of the milling/retrieving tool as it moves downward during the milling process of the packer. Using the appropriate length of Millout extension ensures that no other components below the packer come into contact with the milling/retrieving tool.

• Typically, the Millout Extension ID and OD surface finish is not critical
• The Millout Extensions can be setup as pup joint/pup joint extension if the design requirement meets the API Tubing/ Casing nominal IDs
• ID is required to be 3/8 inch (preferred), or more, larger than packer bore ID
• The preferred Millout extension length is 8 feet (96 inches). Shorter lengths are also available but are required to be verified for sufficient packer retrieving/milling tool length.
• It can be made of different thread types ranges from API thread to various proprietary threads (Premium Threads)

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  • Comes with variety of different thread types (API/Proprietary) and thread size combinations (Pin x Pin / Box x Box / Box Pin)
  • Each Millout Extension has larger ID than the mating Packer bore ID
  • Easy to install & customised design

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