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Grippy® Cable Clamp is a cable clamp designed to fit over the coupling to convey and secure cables and control lines in and out of wellbores quickly, safely, and efficiently

• Custom designs available for various cable configurations.
• Mid-joint and dual channel clamps
• Sizes 2-3/8 inch to 9 5/8 inch
• Configured for both round and flat ESP cables, SSV’s, DHSV’s, chemical injection lines, smart well TEC’s and fiber optics

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  • Each clamp has a four-point friction pad gripping system providing strong grip and preventing slipping
  • Triple progressive contact pads on the channel improve gripping characteristics of the cable without compromising the integrity of the cable
  • Two hinge pin flanges make contact with the tubular to further assist gripping on the pipe
  • Tapered wedge-lock pin with dimples, when inserted, secures the clamp to the tubular
  • The channel design allows a smooth transition of cable over the coupling
  • The channel length aids in eliminating crimping of cable and damage from sharp edges
  • Galvanized to prevent corrosion

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