Well Construction


The cemented float collar includes premium fully composite V2 plunger valve that is tested to the highest standards of API 10F.
The float collar provides a landing point for casing wiper plugs and also an integral past of the shoe track to capture contaminated cement inside the string instead of the annulus.

• Single, double & auto-fill valve options
• Ball deflector
• All API and premium connections
• All material casing grades available
• Non-rotating insert to match with VES Non-Rotating plugs for easy drill out
• 10K & 5K psi options
• 15K option available in 5-1/2 inch and smaller sizes

Premium Cement Filled Float Collar

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• Tightly controlled cementing process for valve installation

• Cement tested for compressive strength

• Fitted with high flow phenolic float valve

• Capable of withstanding pressures up to 10,000 psi to conduct casing integrity tests

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