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Our HIGH ENERGY drill bit series is capable of increasing drilling performance by effectively utilizing maximum operating parameters. With the latest bearing technology and cutting structure design HIGH ENERGY drill bits deliver faster penetration rates, more footage drilled, and superior reliability in many applications. Patented bearing components and application specific features provide confidence in directional drilling applications while providing assurance in straight hole applications. HIGH ENERGY products are available in both steel teeth and tungsten carbide insert drill bits from 7” to 13 3/4” diameter.

Designed as a Solution Drill Bit:

  • Vertical, directional, horizontal, and tangent wells
  • Soft to medium formations for steel teeth bits
  • Soft to hard formations for TCI bits
  • For all rotary and motor applications.

Drill Powerfully

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Patented Bearing Seal
A patented conical seal gland design handles pressure fluctuations better and still maintains a preferred dynamic location and interface for the seal. The design is also complemented by a heat shield that is deployed between the seal and inner bearing. This shield provides lower seal operating temperatures leading to longer seal life.

Improved Bearing
Engineers developed a bearing system to support higher loads which resulted in a more robust and tighter tolerance journal bearing.

Anti-Shale Packing
A new anti-shale packing configuration is incorporated, improving cuttings diversion away from the mud side of the seal gland.

Increased Wear Resistance
New shirttail hard metal that significantly increased wear resistance in critical areas of the bit has been added.

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