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EVEREST® drill bits are designed for consistent performance and reliability in surface and intermediate hole sections. Manufactured in the largest range of sizes from 14 3/4” up to 45” in diameter. EVEREST bits easily meet the demands of each hole section. Whether it is a fully featured sealed bearing bit or an open bearing bit for surface work, EVEREST® product is up for any mountainous task. EVEREST® products are available in both milled tooth and Tungsten Carbide Insert (TCI) cutting structures.


  • Vertical and directional well profiles
  • Rotary or motor drilling
  • Intermediate hole section drilling
  • Carbonate drilling

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Sealed bearing bits from 14-3/4” to 30” in diameter with patented conical seal gland and V-jet hydraulics with center jet

DC30 hardfacing allows for double the hardfacing application to the critical areas of the steel teeth bits cutting structure

Proprietary bearing machining processes support longer bearing life in all EVEREST products whether open or sealed bearing

Carbonate grade TCIs reduce or eliminate the microfracturing induced heat checking of the carbide inserts associated with drilling carbonates

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