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Varel’s classic open bearing steel teeth bits for remedial, re-entry, and water well applications. All bits incorporate open throat hydraulics and can accommodate either regular through string flow or reverse circulation which is frequently used to re-enter wells. L2, L1, and LH1 are offered from softest to hardest of the cutting structure applications.

Designed as a Solution Drill Bit:

  • Workover bits can be used for drilling cement, drilling composites, drilling plugs, paraffin clean out, scale clean out, thru tubing operations, coiled tubing operations, and drill ahead re-entries.
  • Water well drilling.
  • HDD drilling.

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Forged Steel Tooth Cones
This superior method provides stronger more impact resistant teeth when compared to milling as the metal grain structure from the forging process is preserved resulting in a stronger tooth.

Advanced Metallurgy
Tightly specified premium materials and processing techniques ensure oilfield grade quality in the complete workover line.

Heat Treatment
Varel’s heat treatment process selectively carburizes and hardens bearing wear surface, ensuring a tough microstructure. This provides long lasting reliable bearing performance.

Process Controls
Critical tooth hard facing process are continually monitored and updated to ensure the highest quality hard facing deposit.

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