Well Construction


CASEBIT™ is designed to get your string to bottom every time using applied technologies. From PDC drill bit technology to flexible manufacturing technology, this product eliminates the need for a second trip and ensures uninhibited delivery and positioning of the casing string to bottom every time. Computer balanced cutting structure design, cutter wear modeling, and computational fluid analysis complete the package of CASEBIT to provide a custom formation designed casing bit for your specific application.


  • Casing or liner while drilling
  • Running casing or liner to bottom with CASEBIT as a casing shoe
  • Vertical or directional wells
  • Soft to medium hard formations
  • For any RPM application


  • Integral float valve qualified to API RP 10F CAT IIIC
  • Fully flexible design with varying blade count, tool OD, casing weight, and premium casing connection

Casing While Drilling Bit

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• Asymmetric raised blades, blind holes and other disconformities to accelerate drill out and improve breakup of the CASEBIT face

• Pressure controlled rupture disc port allows for continuous flow of drilling fluids or cement in the event of nozzle or port plugging

• Wide open face area limits body erosion and accommodates a wide range of flow rates eliminating the need for special nozzles

• Optimized cutting structure for each formation, resulting in a custom bit designed for the application

• Drillable face alloy to enhance PDC drill out

• Full thru-bore

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